Friday, January 18, 2008

Girls and Guns

Self-defense is a basic human right ~ Second Amendment Sisters

Doug grew up around guns and he developed a love for guns. Whereas I, the only gun I knew before I married Doug, was my father's shotgun which he used for hunting.

I knew before I married Doug that he was a pro-gun rights guy. A thought did cross my mind, early in our relationship, however. What if he was some wacko, and I could end up a victim of his guns? :-)

Anyway, that was then. You can see from my previous posts that I am not afraid that Doug is a weirdo or wacko. I have learned to appreciate his gun collecting hobby and have fired some of the guns that he has in his collection.

Doug's handgun collection

Duncan is a boy, and boys tend to love things that go bang. He loves his toy guns especially the airsoft guns that Doug got for him.

Denice? She's a girl and has more fears than your average little girl. She is still afraid of fireworks and anything that goes off with a loud bang. Even the sight of guns was enough to frighten her. Doug wondered if a more girly looking gun would make her change her mind. Some pink stocks on the gun, maybe?

I told Doug that it was natural for little girls to be afraid. Better that she fear guns than be casual about it, to my way of thinking. But Doug is afraid that she might develop an irrational fear of guns. So he bought both Duncan and Denice some airsoft guns.

She must be over-coming her fear of guns. Or she doesn't want to lose out to Duncan! If Duncan has a toy gun, then she must have one too!

Let's fill the magazine

The magazine is full, and I'm ready to fire it!

What do you think, Daddy? Do I look good with a gun?

Remember the girly looking gun stocks Doug was wondering about? Look at this! Complete with Hello Kitty holding a gun!

Yes, this is a real rifle. Some guy in California had this AR-15 rifle specially painted for his wife. If guns come in these patterns and colors, I think they will go a long way to helping Denice overcome her fears of guns!

I wouldn't mind owning a cute looking rifle like that!

Where guns and children are concerned, teaching them about responsibility and gun safety is paramount. We need to get the mystery out of guns. When there is no longer a mystery to the gun, children are not likely to play with guns simply out of curiosity. I cannot emphasize enough gun safety education.

Guns in the hands of a well trained child can save his life as well as the lives of the people around him. In 2002, an 11-year-old boy in South Bend, Indiana, shot and killed an intruder who had a jagged knife against his grandmother's throat. (full story here.)

The right to own and bear arms is protected in the Constitution of the United States of America. The moment all guns are taken off the hands of citizens that is when we need to fear the government.

P.S. Zawi, is not convinced, is he? :-)


  1. Puteri,
    I guess it is allright if everyone is allowed to carry gun (Licensed of course). Then everybody can defend themselves.
    In Malaysia only the crooks have guns so we are always at a disadvantage.
    When I was working as a Manager of a landscheme in Kedah, I was given a licence to carry and use a .38 Smith & Wesson revolver and a shotgun. During a football match the spectators turn into a mob and almost lynched a player who did a flying kick on the referee. I controlled the crowd by firing warning shots into the air. The crowd didnt know the shots came from me and they thought it was done by police dtective. So the gun saved somebodys life on that day.
    I guess it is time for a change. Can you ask Doug to bring home some of his toys whe you both return to Malaysia?

  2. Zawi,

    I did not realize that you had, at one time, a license to carry a revolver! Good thing you did, eh! You indeed saved somebody's life's that day at the football match! :-)

    Doug bring his toys to Malaysia? That is asking for trouble! He could end up at Kamunting and then kena hukum gantung for "illegal" possession of weapons!

    Come and visit us here in California and we'll take you target shooting! You can try as many of Doug's toys as you like!

  3. My husband inherited some old guns which neither of us know how to use. I think we never thought of self-defense because of our neighborhood. Some of our neighbors leave their cars unlocked with keys in them. Some houses are never locked.

    I lock everything up since I was trained from living in KL/PJ. It may be wise for me to learn to shoot too.

  4. Jesie,

    Haven't had you visit me in a long time! :-)

    We never had to lock our cars either, but recently we've had a rash of break-ins, and incidences of vehicles stolen. Ours is a quiet country neighbourhood, and these cowards don't dare try to break in if people are inside because in the country most people are armed. They do their criminal activities while nobody is home or in the dark of night.

    If you are faced with a situation of life and death with a criminal it is better to be able to have the advantage of knowing how to use a weapon!

  5. Puteri:
    wow!! you so daring posing all Doug guns.My hubby is pro gun too.My hubby didn't even show me all his collection ..He prefer to keep is safe and sound.But he bought dozen of the BB guns..all over the house.He get Mishu a small BB gun and later I told him she still young .I warn him better to keep all his real one safe and sound.I hear so many accident happend when child play with real scary..But I told him,I'm going to get a license..He always go target training by himself.

  6. Lesley,

    Daring ah? Hehe, Doug was doing an inventory and wanted to take pictures of his guns.

    Your husband is in law enforcement, so of course la he is pro gun. Hey, you should learn to shoot too, and go with him when he goes target training.

  7. Not bad the hello kitty one..I think i would have one with the Batman logo...:)

  8. Night, batman logo will look nice too!

    Duncan wants his with Spiderman pictures on it! Hehhe.

  9. Apooo...cute amai rifle hello kitty nyak..kekekeke :)

  10. LOL that's cute. A Hello Kitty gun, I know Hello Kitty has been on a lot of things, but now I've seen all.

  11. Pat and Ian,

    Yes, who would have thought Hello Kitty would be holding a gun?! Haha, the guy who painted the gun was really creative!

  12. By the way,we can smuggle gun & firearm from southern problem...I knew a lot of villagers in Kelantan , nearby the Narathiwat have own guns !they just buy it from any thailand locals ,say for self defense againts the PATTANI separaties.Then they went back to Malaysia by Boat tongkang.The thai would love to throw their aged revolver or semi H guns to you!!!Cos firearm is totally legal at Thai especially shoutern!!!!If you r lucky can get some AR15 from thai volunteer security.


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