Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Blog Visitors

Ever since I installed the Feedjit widget in all my blogs, I have been able to tell who my most recent visitors were and how they came to arrive at my blogs.

Of course some of my visitors are my regular readers so I don't have to wonder who they are and why they are visiting!

Those that arrive on my blogs through search engines, now those are interesting! You can click on the search engine link and see what they were searching for when they found a post in that particular blog that they thought had something to do with their search.

I started a new blog called A Mommy Blogger and it is going to focus mainly on parenting issues, and my first post was a commentary on the Parkland High School cell phone sex scandal. Did you read that news story?

Anyway, I had installed Feedjit on that blog too, and after I published my first post, I went to update another blog. After that I went back to my new blog and imagine my surprise when I saw within that few minutes that first post had generated a few visitors!

Guess how they arrived at that blog?

Their search words were parkland, girls, nude, pictures .... haha, and when I clicked on the search link, guess what blog came on top of the search results?

If they had come hoping to see nude pictures of school girls on my blog, they must have been sorely disappointed! Haha. After a few hours my blog was no longer at the top of the search results that had the same search words. Guess that was my 15 minutes of fame on google search!

I like to write commentaries on news I'd read and I've had visitors drop by my blogs via links at CNN. Wished the trackbacks at CNN had brought a deluge of visitors! Oh well, a few are better than no visitors, right? lol

Sometimes I get a thrill when visitors arrive from google search on some old posts in my blogs. At least I know my previous postings are appearing in search engine results and visitors from different parts of the world are dropping by at my blogs!

Do you get thrilled to see the different visitors drop by at your blogs? I guess I am easily thrilled! mrgreen


  1. Hi Puteri, HOLY SMOKE! Your blog now ada a 'tracking guide'? Eeeee, I better not masuk your blog when looking at pics of ahemm women. Then you'll know where I was?
    Gosh, you sure one computer savvy woman. This widget, that widget....and this senior citizen don't even know what is a 'widget', honest!
    I know 'Gidget'....that was an old movie, I think Sandra Dee acting. But widget? Like my old Chinaman contractor used to tell me when I tell him something, "solly, that I not be knowing", ha ha.
    Thats why my blog is very clean...no gidget or widget or whatever....I not be knowing, ha ha.
    You have a nice day, Puteri, Lee.
    ps, wa....if I have your kind of Gidget, I mean Widget....I can find out my silent, secretive readers who sneak in when I'm sleeping, read and chabut out, no footprints behind.
    But lately about 7 have confess their sins, of sneaking in, ha ha.
    But I better not go sneaking into strange ladies blogs, siapa la tau if they have similar widget or whatever in their pc. Eeeeeee!

  2. Puteri,
    When I came earlier there was zero comment, then I went for my Suboh prayers and when I came back I saw U Lee has left a big footprint behind.
    After seeing everybody putting in stst counters and Feedjit, I don't want to be left behind too. Now I can guess who comes from Brampton Ontario, Galt California by looking at their location.
    It is those from countries that I don't have any friends that excites me most, they must have googled for something and was misdirected to my site I guess.
    Anyway since I am not doing any paid post, it doesnt matter who or how many comes as long as those who comes find something interesting to read on my site.
    Nowadays having to look after 6 months old Balqiss has restricted my surfing time to when she is asleep only or when she is at her best behaviour (sucking her fingers) I get some space to surf and visit other peoples blogsite.
    High time for U Lee to install some form of tracking device to his site and we will be able to see the real number of visitors to his so popular site.
    How about its Seniro Citizen U Lee?

  3. U.Lee, you don't have to worry about your tracks being traced! Haha. There is a limit to it, but if you were googling certain words and you arrive at my blogs, I can tell what you were googling for. I don't have any tracking somewhere that can tell your browsing history! Haha, don't worry lah.

  4. Zawi,

    If you see Modesto, California, arriving at your blog, that would be me! Haha, somehow my internet service seems to have its main somewhere in Modesto!

    I don't do any paid post on this blog, but it is still interesting to find out where visitors found your link!

    Is your grand daughter with you in Pasir Mas or you back back in KL looking after her?

  5. Puteri,
    Granddaughter is in Pasir Mas for 6 months. Another 5 months of bliss to go hehehehe.

  6. Hi Puteri, it has taken me 2 days just to penetrate your this page. Everytime I klik in, my computer turn darker than a moonless night......why? I not be knowing.
    Anyway, had to come in by back door, ha ha.
    You on holiday?
    By the way, few days back I shot a friend's .45 S/W 8" Magnum. Baik pun I got no dentures or loose ahemm clothing, my whole body shook like a coconut tree in a Tsunami!
    Chilaka dia, he self loads and tarok a 280 grain bullet let me shoot! Purposely! That !@#%* meant for bears! Or elephants!
    One shot! My whole hand shivered like getting electrified! Eeeeee! Or like 1st time holding a 16 SYT! Eeeeee! And I shot Incik Clint Eastwood style, one hand! Chehhhh!
    Took me a full 5 minutes before I could shoot again,
    that fellow laughed like a hyena at 6am see wilderbeast!
    You keep well, Puteri, Lee.

  7. Hi Puteri, ada typo error, it was a .44 Mag, not .45.
    I think my hand still shivering la. Lee.

  8. Aiyo, Lee, you make me laugh!! Your expressions are priceless! hahaha.

    Aiyo, just accept the fact that you are now a senior citizen, cannot use one hand to shoot .44 280 grain bullets!! Hahah, had to wait 15 minutes ah, before can shoot again! Hahaha.

    Good thing you are not wearing dentures! Haha, otherwise the dentures will start clacking away! Hahaha.

    This is just too funny!

  9. Puteri,
    congratulation on your new blog:)

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