Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year's Haiku

The clock strikes midnight

Gun shots fill the cold night air

The New Year is here.


  1. Hi Puteri. Happy New Year to you and your family. Hope this year brings much happiness, success and good health.

  2. Happy New Year to you, too, Nyun! Arap ka kita menyanak,muchu, gerai,lantang serta bulih berkat dalam taun baru tu!

  3. Hi puteri,
    Well, sorry for the late arrival sis. Happy New Year, I hope this yar will be a meaningful, prosperous, healthy year for you sis. Hehehe, enjoyed your previous post sis. You did it right. Send my regards to your family OK?

  4. Hi Puteri, New year with gun shots in the air? Ha ha. Today I read two things I have never read or heard before from a woman,
    a lady said she wants to put on weight,
    and in your case, 'gunshots' in the air, ha ha. Lee.
    Now I know 2008 will be a good year.
    But hoping no bullets come droppping from the sky. Ha ha.
    Puteri, I must tell you this, some years back I was at a shooting range, my friend was shooting his S&W .38 special, I was squatting beside him spotting the target with a scope, when one of his very hot spent cartridge fell into my open neck shirt.
    Holy Smoke, that was the fastest striptease I have ever done. Had everyone in stitches, some ladies present too, some wondering what the heck the tall Chinaman doing, like an Apache doing a war dance? And I pulling out my shirt to get rid of that hot shell. IT WAS HOT!

  5. Hi Akmal,

    Happy New Year to you too! Late arrival never mind, as long as sampai! Hehe.

  6. Lee,

    There were several shots in the air. I was in front of my pc, and the only one still awake at midnight! Doug was already asleep with the kids sharing his bed.

    When I was younger I too desired to put on a little bit more weight. I was so skinny! I only started to put on some weight in my late twenties. You know la, women, never satisfied with their weight! Haha. I want to lose some weight, tummy fat, more specifically! Haha.

    Your story about the hot spent shell made me and Doug laugh out loud! Haha! Doug happened to be standing right next to me when I read your comment! hahah

    Yes, I am sure 2008 will be a good one, too! :-)


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