Friday, January 04, 2008

Speech Therapy for kids

Recently, while we were at Denny's restaurant, we met a lady who had given birth a day earlier than I did at the same hospital where I had Duncan. She remembered us, and of course we talked about the progress of our children.

Her son was considered a slow learner and she told me the son was undergoing speech therapy. There were certain sounds that the son had some difficulty with, and of course I told her that Duncan too had some difficulty with certain sounds.

She recommended that I contacted the local joint elementary school district whose office was located across from Denny's so they could send someone to evaluate Duncan at his preschool. If he indeed had some speech learning difficulties, the school district would send someone to help him with his speech.

I have not contacted anyone from the local joint elementary school district and this evening I was reminded of what I hadn't done because we drove right by the office as we drove home from dinner.

For a long time, Duncan could not say TV. Instead of saying 'teevee' he would say 'feedee'. He also has difficulties with words starting with 'k' and 'tr'. He still says his name is Duntan, instead of Duncan. He can say it correctly if he says it slowly. And words like cake, cat, truck would come out as take, tat, and twuck. On good days truck comes out as twuck, on bad days it can come out a fwuck! Hehe!

As for two syllable words, they are usually pronounced with a break. His name Duncan will come out as Dunt - an. He loves crack - ers, too - ties (cookies), and choc - late spread on his bread.

My friend, Kathy, who is helping Denice and Duncan with their reading tells me that one of her daughters had speech therapy when she was six. I think it is a good idea that Duncan receives his therapy while he is still in preschool. His cousin, Dillon, received speech therapy when he was in elementary school too.

Even though I have a lot of issues with the education system here, I am glad that there is a program to help kids with speech difficulties and this program is offered free, which is more than I expected. I am willing to pay somebody to help Duncan with his speech if it comes to that.


  1. Puteri,
    Don't worried too much about Duncan speech.My friend younger gal,when she was little she can't pronouce S ..she call me Lekly..Now she 14 year old,she speak prefectly.That same goes with my BIL,hubby said he refused to speak properly until 7 year old.He just point out what he wanna.Doc said he lazy to speak..But now at 36 he married and graduated have degree..Mishu have problem with her speech too but my friend advise me not to send her to therapy,she said it will look bad in her school report card later when she attend school..It will be there for some years.Futhermore,Mishu speak bilanguage,some said that why her speech delay..Don't worried..maybe after he attend school he will pick up better.

  2. Cikgu, sigi enda nemu nyebut Dunstan iya, laban 'S' iya selalu tinggal! I'm tuffed ko iya, madah diri udah kenyang .. instead of 'stuffed'.

  3. beachlover,

    Actually I am not that worried because as time goes by he seems to speak a lot more clearer.

    But since there is a service provided by the school district why not utilize it, eh? :-) Sometimes it is hard to understand him because he can't pronounce the words clearly. With a speech therapist's help he will get over the difficulties a lot more quickly, I hope.

    He was also a slow talker too, and he only learnt to say a lot more only in the last year. I think like Mishu, he heard too many different sounds .. meaning not all were English sounds! Haha, that is what happens when there is more than one language spoken in the house.

    His cousin did have some speech problem. He's 16 now and still cannot say certain sounds well. But he's a very bright boy except for his speech.

    How's your trip preparation coming along?

  4. Hmm.. I've had problems with the 't' and some 'th' sounds. Pedis pala lecturer phonetics aku ngajar... to correct this, I might have to use braces. ish ish

  5. Hi Kak Puteri,

    Yeap, that's one thing I like about the western system...There are ample programs to help those who need it, and without the stigma that comes with it (less, at the very least)...

    Haha...My family thought I was mute as a kid...Cos I didn't start speaking until after 2+...Before that, I only grunted...

    Now, my mum says I won't shut up *Grins*

  6. Chris,

    Isn't the problem with 't' and 'th' a common problem with Malaysians? Those sound like 'd' when spoken like most Malaysians!

    If you put braces on, then there'll be more 'th' sounds than necessary! Haha! ;-)



    Haha, you started talking at two, that's not too bad! I have friends whose kids only started talking at 4 or 5! :-)

    My kids only started talking more fluently only this last one year, and like you, they too won't shut up! Doug sometimes say, "Who taught you how to talk?" :-)

  7. Hey Kak Puteri,

    Hmmm...Braces gives you more 'th' meh? ;P Never realised it, although I do realised pronunciation isn't as clear while wearing it...Although Ive been wearing for so long (a year plus), can't remember how I sounded before I wore it ler...

  8. Daphne,

    Maybe what you should do now is to record yourself talking while you still have braces on, and then later when they are removed, do another recording. Then compare, see if there are more 'th' sounds coming out of your speech with the braces on. Haha.

    I think that is what I remember most about people wearing braces. And that is what is recommended by Chris's teacher!


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