Monday, January 14, 2008

Three Takeaways

My Three Takeaways of 2007, as per Zawi's tag. :-) I had already done a review of 2007 in an earlier post, so the three takeaways will be the top three of that review.

1. April Trip to Arkansas and Visit of my good friend from Malaysia

Doug, Duncan and I went to Arkansas, which is the birth place of Doug's mother. My good friend, Esther (visiting from Malaysia), was able to make that little trip with us. Denice was left with her grandparents in California.

The main purpose of that visit was to see what development was taking place to the adjoining property that Doug has in Dardanelle, Arkansas. That 40 acre piece of property has been in Doug's family for over 100 years. His mother gave him her 20 acre share of the property and Doug bought out an Aunt's and an Uncle's remaining 20 acres.

Arkansas is a very pretty state, very green with lots of rainfall, which reminds me a lot of Malaysia. There are two problems that I have about us moving there. Firstly, it'll be a lot further to Malaysia, and secondly, it is hard to find a good Asian supermarket in Dardanelle!

While in Arkansas we were able to visit Doug's cousin and her mother. Her mother had a stroke not that long ago and she doesn't look like she's in the best of health. So we don't know if the next time we visit Arkansas, she'll still be around. It was the first time they had met Duncan. During that visit Doug's aunt and uncle from California were also visiting Arkansas. So we had a nice little visit together in Arkansas.

My friend, Esther's visit was also a good one. It was her third visit to the US since I moved here. I enjoyed her visit tremendously.

2. Blogging for Money, and Friends Made through Blogging

In July I finally succumbed to monetizing my blogs by placing Google Ads on my blogs. :-) Previously I was annoyed by the many ads that people had all over their blogs, especially those popping and flashing ones. I still hate those pop up ads, but I have learned to live with the flashing ads! In August, I started writing paid posts. I admit that the idea of making money from writing paid posts can be quite addicting. I started four new blogs so that I could write more paid posts and hence make more money!

That is why, when November came along and I got penalized by Google for writing paid posts on my main blog, I was thoroughly pissed! When my PR dropped from 3 to 2 and then to zero I decided to get my own domain name for Puteri's Musings (my very first blog). I stopped writing paid posts on that blog. As of a few days ago, that blog has regained some PR, a PR2, which is better than a zero.

Blogging has also brought me new friends. Who would have thought that blogging would bring U.Lee, Zawi, Daphne, Akmal, Nightwing, Asiana, Coki, Beachlover and a few others into my circle of blogging friends? I love you guys!

3. Celebrating Eight Years of Marriage

In August, Doug and I celebrated our eighth year of living together as husband and wife. We survived the critical 7 year mark. We duly noted that fact and thought it amusing. By God's grace we hope to celebrate many more years of married life.

We have two small children and we hope, God willing, to live long enough to see them grow to adulthood.

On our anniversary, Doug took the afternoon off, and he came home with flowers and a new pillow for me. I am on an eternal quest for the perfect pillow. Unfortunately, that pillow did not turn out to be the one. Doug also took me to lunch at a very nice restaurant to celebrate the occasion.

Those are my three Takeaways for 2007. :-)


  1. Hello Puteri, ahhh, your batteries recharged, huh?
    You went to Arkansas, you met Bill And Rodham there?
    I read Bill was from there? Not too sure about Rodham.
    Wow! You and 'Doug living together', I like this sentence, 8 years? But you know, no man is truly married until he understands every word his wife is NOT saying, arhaaa ha ha.
    I believe a man is incomplete until he is married. After that HE is finished! Ha ha.
    Waaa, I've heard of men buying flowers, chocolates, dresses, even unmentionables, but buying a pillow for you?
    Hey, thats something new to me. I never tried that before.
    Holy Smoke! Now too late to try that, Ruby Ahmad already married, nanti I get bad names, like 'gatal, DOM la, or get teeth loosened, ha ha.
    I can imagine if I had given an SYT a pillow for her birthday those days? The father, grandfather and brothers and neighbours dogs included will chase me clear across the Thai border! Ha ha.
    Now I know how Doug sangkut you in Sarawak. Aiyohh, lucky I was not around then, I sure lose to a man with that kind of innovative present. A pillow vs a rose? I kala big time! Arhaaa ha ha, not only kala, got to see dentist too, or doctor get the blowpipe dart from my back, arhaaa ha ha. Just kidding.
    Puteri, tell Doug, I am standing up, holding a glass of iced coffee, facing South and right hand giving him a Canadian Scout's salute...buying you a pillow.
    Pssst, was it a designer pillow? YSL, Christian Dior, Georgio Nomoney, Prada? Ha ha.
    Best regards to Doug and you too. If you hear a loud 'plup', that's my salute to a man who buy's pillows for a beautiful lady. I am putting up my white flag to him. Ha ha. Lee.
    ps, posted my episodes 8 and 9 an hour ago. Bring your tuak, we have a drink. No need bring pillow, I have, not designer, but pasar malam one. Heh heh. L.

  2. Haha, Lee, no we did not see Bill and Hillary in Arkansas. Hillary has moved to New York, remember?

    Yes, Doug and I have been "living together" for 8 years! Haha, you didn't mention the last few words of that sentence! "as husband and wife"! Haha.

    No la, the pillow he brought was not a designer pillow, but it had some features which was supposed to be good .. it was too thick for me! So I didn't use it in case got neck ache and get a headache. I always wake up with a headache, ... something to do with the pillow.

    Haha, better got get a pillow for a SYT!! Wrong message interpreted by the parents and brothers! Haha.

    Thank for the toast coming all the way from Toronto! Much appreciated!

    I have been busy with the other blogs, that was why this one got neglected. Those other blogs, I make some money, this one, no money soo ... hahaha! Come and visit my other blogs, esp the latest posts, I have linked at the top of this blog.


  3. Hi Puteri,

    I once visited a friend at Little Rock when I was studying in US. Nice place but all I can remember now is how hot it was... I went there during summer.

  4. Nana,

    Arkansas is hot and humid in the summer! My mother-in-law says she'll never go back to live there! :-)

    In California, no matter how hot the days are in summer, our nights are always cool. If you live near the coast, you don't even need air-conditioning in the house.

    So are you planning to visit the US again in the future?

  5. Not bad the takeaways...:)

    8 years as huband and wife...congrats to both of you and may u have many more to come..:)

  6. said about the 7 years stuff..hmmm.We still didn't pass that yet..takut la...Hope you and Doug have the wonderful life together..

  7. Nightwing, yes, it has been 8 eights and a few months now. :-) Now that first 4 years without kids is just a memory!



    Not yet reach that 7 year mark? Oohh, take care eh! Haha, no worries lah!

  8. Puteri,
    First and foremost I want to apologize for the delay in coming. I am working too hard on my blog about Kota Bharu. Excuse, excuse.
    Anyway thanks for doing it. I know you have something to share.
    I have passed my seventh annivessary some 28 years ago. I guess I am safe enough now hahaha.

  9. Zawi, no apologies necessary! I have been busy myself doing lots of paid posts and some personal writing in between those paid posts!! I made some goooooodddd money the last couple of weeks! :-)

    Eh, your passing the 7 year mark 28 years ago doesn't mean a thing! You can still get a 2nd wife, right, while keeping that first wife? Only if your wife gives the green light ler. Heh heh.


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