Friday, February 01, 2008

Pooch Carrier

One of my kids teachers asked me if I could make her a little carrier bag for her chihuahua.

I did not know how the bag should look like so I made a search on the internet and found a place selling some pet carriers.

This was just one of the patterns that they had. I spent a few hours yesterday making this bag. It is a little small but for a baby chihuahua, it will fit nicely.

Now that I have an idea how a pooch carrier looks like, I will make a few more. This one, I have already given it to the kids' teacher who has 4 chihuahuas!


  1. that's SO adorable! i love flowers, petals. and i simply love the fabric!! and another thing that i love was the edge of the bag (dont know if there's a term for it), but you made it easier for the chihuahuas neck to jet out! :) i wish i can make bags.. *sigh*

    lots of love,

  2. Cute, eh? Ya, except this one was too narrow, the poor chihuahua, acc to the teacher, felt squashed in there! Haha, so cannot use! Heheh.

    Learn to make the bags .. not that hard! Heheh.


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