Friday, February 01, 2008

Some recent pieces

Pearls, crystals and oval shaped Pietersite.

Mother of pearl, and blue zircon crystals.

Green mother of pearl and olive crystals.

Abalone and faceted natural stone .. err, can't remember the name of this stone. :-)


  1. Dear, how much do u normally charge for this dangling earrings. Lovely@!!

  2. Depending on the materials used, they range from 8 - 15 USD. :-) Enti ba Malaysia din, different market, engka bisi murah mimit!

    I only use natural stones, sterling silver, fresh water pearls and swarovski crystals with my creations. No plastic!

  3. wow!! dear,you make a nice pieces here.Do you have special order or just sell it when your customer see it?..Btw,I just bought another domain for my health blog.hop over,what do you think?

  4. lesley, i haven't sold many. I like my pieces too much to put them up for sale! hehe!


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