Saturday, March 01, 2008

Baby Shower

A few weekends ago, I was invited to a baby shower. The shower was held at Kathy's place. Kathy is the mother of the mother to be. I think that was the first baby shower, I'd ever been invited to.

It was a very well done shower. The weather co-operated that day, and the tables and chairs moved from inside the house to the back yard.

The guests were served a Mexican lunch of taco salad and tropical fruit smoothie. Nice! I was quite hungry and forgot to take pictures of the food and the table setting!

The cake. The theme of the shower was jungle animals.

This baby quilt was the inspiration for the theme.

The fire place was done up with baby pictures of Christina, the mother to be, and her sisters and some baby clothes.

This baby will be Kathy's first grandchild and as such she just cannot wait for the arrival of the baby! She has even done up a nursery in her house!!

My contribution to the nursery was the blue gingham valance and the yellow gingham bumper pads on the crib. I sewed them for Kathy.

Christina and the cake. Her baby is due on April 1st. She and her husband chose not to know the sex of the baby. They want to be surprised. Good for them!

Because they do not know the sex of the baby, the baby stuff that we bought for them were blues, yellows, and greens.

There were a lot of gifts! In fact, everything she had listed on the baby registry was taken up. So those who were late, bought other baby stuff not listed in the registry. I think she received too many receiving blankets!

There were also some games and prizes to be won from the games. I did not win anything. Just wasn't my lucky day, I guess!

Every one went home with a little baby shower favor. It was a little packet of 3 animal shaped cookies.

All in all, a very nice baby shower.


  1. Hello Puteri, your this 'baby shower' post reminds me of the third month we had arrived here.
    One evening our orang Puteh neighbours invited us for a bbq next door.
    There were quite a few Orang Puteh families and one lady while we chomping on hot dogs invited us, "come to Shelley's baby shower".
    And there I was, a real monkunchi (monkey) never heard that before, my wife too looked at me, I like an innocent choir boy enquired, "why come see the baby take shower"?
    The laughter could be heard three blocks!
    Alamak, siapa la tau this means come bring presents for an unborn baby.
    Baik pun not a wedding shower. Holy Smoke, imagine my saying 'why come see the bride take her shower'?
    Malaysia mana ada ini 'shower' business?
    Shower means mandi in dictionary kan? Ha ha.
    Best regards, Lee.

  2. Haha, that is just too funny, Lee! So the laughter could be heard from 3 blocks away, eh! Haha.

    Ya, good thing nobody invited you to a bridal shower! Hahaha, I can just imagine the reaction! Hahaha.

    My friend, Kathy, told me she and some other friends had just finished doing the shower "favors". I asked her, "What's that?" Hahaha, say lah thank you gifts to the guests who came! Definitely I would have understood! Haha.

  3. Hi Puteri :)

    Wah..mayuh amai presents...Aku paling suka quilt nyak..So lovely!!


  4. Hahaha...Uncle Lee,

    That is indeed a good one...:)

    I think only western practise this....for Chinese it is the first month after baby is born...invite for makan.

    And guest give presents or red packet.

  5. Puteri:
    I also never been to baby shower b4.Lucky you la.I think we asian tak ada baby shower style like mat salleh.My friend just bought the stuff to me when I'm going to give birth.I think that asian style never ask what we need and want!! lol!!

  6. Lesley, that's true!

    Some friends organized a baby shower for me, but it was after the baby was born! Haha, better late than never, eh!

  7. Hi Kak Puteri,

    Wow...*Jaw drop*

    That is soooo cool...Next time, when I have a child (IF I have a child), I want a baby shower too! It's sooo cool...


  8. Haha, Daphne!

    Of course you will have your own kids in the future! And I am sure your friends will organize a bridal shower, and when it is time for baby to come, a baby shower for you too!

    It would be cool indeed!

  9. Hi Kak Puteri,

    First...Before, bridal shower or baby shower...


    Must find a guy...

    There goes my shower-shower! =(

  10. Aiya, Daphne, don't worry lah. You still have plenty of time for Mr Right to come along!

    See, I was patient, and I found mine! Haha, better late than never, eh!

    Next time if you have found your Mr Right, I will personally host the bridal shower AND baby shower for you!!

  11. Hi Kak Puteri,

    You said it! I'm holding you tight, tight!


  12. Haha Daphne, just let me know the wedding date, then we'll have the bridal shower a few weeks before the wedding! I have been to one, and I know how it's done now! Ahh, baby shower also have seen and been to, so I know what to do!

    I'll make a special trip just to organize it for you! Haha.

  13. Awwhh everything is so cute and so perfectly hosted. The momma looks so gorgeous and glowing!

  14. Wow.. that's a nice baby shower...

  15. Yes, it was a very nice baby shower. :-)

  16. The quilt is beautiful. When I had my baby I put all kinds of bedding on my baby registry. My favorite piece of bedding I received was a quilt my grandmother made. My daughter is 10 now she still has that quilt.


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