Monday, March 03, 2008

Love and Sex with Robots


No, you did not read that title wrong! mrgreen

This morning I was listening to the Laura Ingraham show and she had David Levy, the author of Love and Sex with Robots as her guest. It was a fascinating interview and I don't doubt that some people will prefer robots to humans for love and sex.

No, not the normal healthy people who can develop relationships with other humans, but for those who are awkward and can't form relationships with other humans for one reason or another.

I just saw the interview that Stephen Colbert did with David Levy. Now that was one funny interview because Colbert just had to interject his wisecracks into the interview! You can watch the video of that interview here.

I can see Japan as the leader in using robots as companions because Japan is one country that has a serious declining population problem. There are just not enough young people to look after their aging population.

Riz Khan also interviewed David Levy on his Al Jazeera show. It was a good interview but the focus was less on the topic of the book and more on the use of robots in general.

One of the questions that a viewer of the show asked was, "I am a Muslim. Will I be allowed to have four robots?" lol

A more entertaining and thought provoking interview can be found on New Scientist Technology Blog.

Can you see yourself having sex with a robot? mrgreen


  1. This is interesting. What would they think of next...:)


  2. Haha, who knows! Robots marrying each other? hahaha


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