Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Spring Blooms

In case you missed the pictures I took and posted in my Iban language blog of the blooming trees around here, here they are for your viewing pleasure!


  1. Those are really pretty flowers! You did a great job taking those photos. I will have to test out my camera when the flowers are blooming in NY.

  2. Yes, Hooi Imm, please show us the pictures! I use the close up function on my camera and the pictures taken close up turned out really well!

  3. Hi puteri,
    I was blog-hopping and found myself here. I see that you have a iban language blog as well. So thrilled to see this, becos I am iban (my dad). My mom is Lun Bawang. Unfortunately, I can't speak either dialects! shame on me, but I can understand (ulih ninga aja, is how my dad would describe me..sigh) Like you, I also live in the US (although not married to an american). I have not met one single iban person here..lol.
    Thanks for sharing your spring blooms pictures. Great photography. I hope to visit your blog some more. Take care.

  4. Hehe, what a co-incidence... I also posted some flowers (they are weeds) in my blog today... The purple one (your second last picture) is in my blog too.. Hehe

  5. Hi Louisa,

    Selamat datai! An Iban in Texas, eh! I have a good Iban friend, living in Maryland.

    I don't know other Ibans here either except for that friend in Maryland and now you! Oh, there is another friend, Iban-Chinese in Washington state .. also from Miri originally.

    Hope to see you here often!

  6. puteri,

    Nice pictures! I love flower pictures. It is spring now and everyday when I walk outside, I will take sometimes to enjoy all the beautiful flowers along the road. I'm eagerly waiting to see tulips! They will come out soon.

  7. cantik mai... pandai nuan nangkap gambar.. i like it so much...

  8. Bee Ean, don't forget to post the tulip pictures in your blog!



    Nuan ka gambar nya, tau kena nuan ngaga desktop wallpaper? Ila aku ngirum enti nuan ka.

  9. Puteri: Tau gak.. hehe.. thanx puteri..


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