Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Disneyland - The Washer Player

We were in Disneyland last week. There was live music in different parts of the park and on the second day we were there, there was a group of musicians playing country style music. They invited the kids watching them to participate in the music playing and Duncan was given a washer to play.

Duncan's the kid on second right, wearing red jacket and white hat. Denice was not brave enough to join the merry music making.


  1. Duncan is so sporting la..I guess Denise is still the little gal in her who need more encouragement..

  2. Ya, he is a sporting kind of guy .. wanted to ride all the rides while Denice was afraid of everything! My SIL even suggested I take Denice to see a psychologist about her fears! Dunno la, I think she just needs time to get over her fears.


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