Monday, April 14, 2008

Egg Thief Update

Yesterday the goose egg thief had a little "incident". As usual, the thief and his accomplice set out on their raiding mission. The accomplice who should have known better did not warn the young thief to check to see if the mother goose was in before attempting to crawl into the nest.

The said nest was located in an old dog house. The little thief, in his eagerness to raid the nest, crawled into the dog house but instead of joyfully reaching for eggs he had a nasty shock. Mother goose was sitting on the nest, and bit the thief on his shoulder resulting in the thief crying in pain and humiliation!

During his bath time, Mommy saw the red and sore looking spot on the thief's shoulder. "It does not hurt, no more, Mommy."

"Next time, make sure you check to see if there is a goose in the dog house before you crawl in!"

"Yes, mommy."


  1. oh!! poor Duncan..Yes,better becareful,Geese are more aggresive than lame duck..I was once chase by geese...very mean geese

  2. Hehe, yes geese are very aggressive especially this one protecting its nest!

  3. owww pity Duncan, can imagine his innocent look. Little egg theif.

  4. oh no..kesian Duncan. Do geese have teeth?? Hope that sore spot has healed..both physical and emotional. Is he back to stealing eggs?hee

  5. Geese don't have teeth! Heheh. They pinch with their beaks, and the pinches are painful! Hehe, he has been bitten by the geese a few times in his life.

    Ya, the stealing is a daily ritual for him and his daddy. No, he is not traumatized enough to stop stealing the eggs!

    I think the egg laying is slowing down a bit now. They still lay their eggs but it is a bit late in the season now. Usually by late April and May they start hatching. Of course there will be no baby geese for us.

  6. Hi!
    Ive been reading your blog for few months now. Even recommendeded it to my mommy friend, cos i like the way you blog.

    Your kids are so adorable (in pixs ;P). Hope Duncan does not get scared of geese, eventhough I personally have phobia with geese after being chased everytime we passed by this one Chinese house, on our way home from primary school :D

  7. Hi Puteri. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've enjoyed your posting on bridal shower last time very much, i wish I could have one someday. And the 'truck' entry, that was a hilarious one!! LOL!

  8. Thank you for your visits Sumuk! I wished this blog is updated more regularly though!


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