Friday, April 11, 2008

Egg Thief

Every day, Duncan and his Dad would raid the geese's nests and steal their eggs. This activity is Duncan's daily highlight. He loves the excitement of angering the geese and stealing their eggs right under their noses or should I say, beaks?

The egg thief in action. He has broken a few eggs in his haste to get away from the angry geese, and also due to his own clumsiness.

A pair of angry geese, honking and hissing at the humans who dared steal their eggs!

Doug has 18 eggs in a covered bucket that he is making into salted eggs. He found a recipe on how to do it, and he says it'll take about three months to get firm salted eggs.

Yesterday, I shared about the geese laying their eggs in our yard with some church ladies, and everyone wanted me to bring some for them at our next meeting. They enjoyed my recounting the story of Duncan stealing the geese's eggs.

Would you like some goose eggs?


  1. Yes, thank you, Puteri.. I would Love to try the salted goose eggs! My kids will definitely enjoy joining Duncan in stealing eggs. Fun! Must take a video of it.

  2. Yes, I shall send you some! Heheh. You are right, I should take a video of him stealing the egss!

  3. Puteri,
    Are those wild geese?? Ah, didn't know you can make salted geese eggs. Do they taste like telur masin..?? Bet they do eh..

  4. Geese egg?.I never try geese egg b4 but as far as I know,roast geese is very famous for Hongkies..But my mom always warn us not to eat too much geese if we are sick can lead to serious illness.Hmmm...let us know how it taste after salted!!

  5. Taste like chicken egg, Lesley. I don't I have eaten goose meat before. Taste like duck?

    Ya, hope the salted eggs turn out ok!

  6. Helloooo Puteri,

    Hey what an interesting story. Duncan is so cute and he's stealing eggs...ha ha. What a vocation that!

    Love the photos.

    Well, if I accept your offer of salted eggs can only be via fedex..he he.


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