Saturday, April 19, 2008

Speech Therapy Sessions

Last Tuesday and Wednesday I took Duncan for the first two sessions of his speech therapy.

I picked him up at his school about twenty minutes before the speech therapy session started. We left Denice at the school and picked her up after Duncan had finished with his speech therapy.

"Where are we going, Mommy?"

"You're going to a special class, Duncan. You are going to learn how to say "truck" properly. Say "truck"."






Sigh. The kid sure needs some help with his speech patterns!

At the speech class, I heard the therapist ask Duncan to repeat some sounds.

"Kuh, kuh, kuh"

"Tuh, tuh, tuh," repeated Duncan.

"Cake. Cake. Cake."

"Take. Take. Take." repeated Duncan.

"Feel my throat," said the therapist. "See, the sounds come from deep in my throat. Say Krrrrr. Krrrrr. Krrrr."

"Trrrr. Trrrr. Trrr." repeated the boy.

Yup, he does need some help! biggrin


  1.'re so funny!!..Don't worried too much..I think he will get better when he go to school.My Mishu have the same problem.We think maybe she speak Mandarin,make her can't pronouce "S" and "R".As Mandarin pronoucation don't have AEIOU,mostly their word like "ma fa fu pu"..well..

  2. Hi Kak Puteri,

    Hahaha! Duncan is such a darling! It's ok...I'm sure he will eventually get the sounds and words right...=)

  3. sure he will be fine..:) Keep on encouraging him.

  4. I'm glad he's getting help. He will improve after a few sessions.

  5. Ya, he does sound very cute when he speaks!

    This speech therapy will most definitely help him get over his speech problems sooner.

  6. Hello Puteri,

    You are lucky to have such help over there and I'm sure they are so experienced and good with children.

    Having started early, I am sure he will overcome this with flying colours.

  7. Hahaha!! The post itself is very entertaining :)

    My nephew doesnt even talk at 4 yrs old. He doesnt even respond to us. My sis-in-law send him to see a speech theraphy in HKL, but the theraphist found him to be quite smart, minus the speech. So he suggest to my sis-in-law to send him early to kindergarden (he mostly stayed at home with the Indon maid, whereas my sis-in-law is a sino-kadazan, and my bro is bidayuh). He might have got confuse with different languages used, and no other kids to talk to.
    After 1 week in kindergarden, he has shown impressive improvement day by day. Now at 6, he spoken quite well.

    Hopefully Duncan's speech problem shall only be a phase in his growing years and nothing permanent.

  8. Sumuk,

    I can see how your nephew is slow at learning to speak. Too many different sounds do tend to slow down a children verbal learning.

    When Duncan started to speak what I considered a little late, I gave up trying to speak Iban with him as well. The fact that he has some speech patterns that needed to be undone only made me think it was a wise decision not to confuse him further!

    But I hope that he and Denice will learn to speak some Iban eventually. Especially if we spend extended time in Sarawak.


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