Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Food, Friends and Family

One of the best things about being home in Malaysia is the time spent with family and friends over a meal.

My youngest brother invited us out to dinner a couple of days before we made the long drive to the longhouse in Saratok.

One of my nieces and nephew watching the food being served.

Clams, one of my favorite dishes!

Belacan kangkong, another all time favorite!

My second brother also took us out for seafood dinner after we returned from the longhouse. It was also the day Doug left to return to California.

A bunch of friends also invited us to seafood dinner. It was great to meet up with these friends and fellowship over a delicious meal!

Another group of friends invited me for Chinese dinner at a hotel restaurant. This time I left the kids at their cousins place. For once it was nice to eat in peace without kids interrupting our meal!

When it was time to pick up the kids, Duncan objected and cried. He thought that I was depriving him of a sleep over at his cousins' place! It was a school night and the cousins wake up early and it was not convenient for them to have Duncan and Denice for a sleep over.


  1. oh! Puteri,I see lobster and cockles,my favourite too!!..You must meet quite alots of friend and blogger this trip back home.That is great...when I was In Malaysia I do meet few flogger but the weather is too hot,everyday sakit kelapa.How is the weather?I guess you must used it it now.How Dough handle the weather?.


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