Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lookee Here!

One of my favorite activities when I am home visiting my parents in Miri is to go for a shampoo at my favorite hair salon quite close to where my parents live. As is their custom at this salon, I was handed a couple of women's magazine for me to browse through while my hair is being shampooed.

This is the latest issue of Nona. I love flipping through Nona and looking at the pictures of the beautiful models and the rich and famous in Malaysia. Guess who was in one of the pictures featuring a Mother's Day do in KL?

Recognize the lady standing on the left? Yes, she is none other than our blogger friend, Ruby Ahmad! "Hey, I know her!" was what I told my hair dresser!

Er, does anyone know of some do I can be invited to so I can also appear in a Malaysian women's magazine? Heheh.


  1. aiyoooo....Puteri,tot you ask us to look at you in the mag!!..You will get the connection soon and appear in Nona soon!!

  2. Haha, Lesley, I wished I were that well-connected!

  3. Cool...Kak Ruby in magazine...she is everywhere...:)

  4. Helloooooo Puteri,

    Fulamak, I kena mention rupa nya dekat sini. No wonder I felt the vibes..ha ha. Oh that time I was so not blogging & not blog hopping.

    Thanks for the mention dear.

    Gosh you must have had a wonderful time in Malaysia. I saw some photos in Zawi's entry.

    p/s Nightwing...he he


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