Monday, June 09, 2008

My internet connection sucks!

My internet connection SUCKS!

TMNet dial-up sucks. Celcom Broadband sucks. The alternate number provided by TM sucks. There is no DSL service available where my parents live. And my parents' home is a little too far from the nearest free Wi-Fi hotspot. So all in all, connecting to the internet is an endless frustration!

I am homesick for my reliable DSL (not the speediest, but reliable) from back home!

I have not been able to do much blogging ... things take forever to load, and then there is the stall ... nothing seems to move.

Arrgghh! The internet connection here SUCKS! Big time!


  1. Hehe...sorry for the bad connection. When are you coming home?

  2. oh,Puteri,I'm so sorry to hear that..When I was in KL,I also have that problem bcoz my family use Maxis Broadbane wireless, don't have signal at my mom's home,area.Sometime,I have to travel to my aunty house to use her computer which have regular line.I know whow you feel..Yes,3 months is long especially no internet:(

  3. Yep, this poor connection has really stimied my blogging activities! :-(


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