Monday, July 21, 2008

A 5th birthday

Duncan celebrated his 5th birthday on the 20th of July. Since Denice never had a little party on her 5th birthday which was on 21st of May (we left for Malaysia on that day) we held a double birthday party.

We invited all their little cousins and their parents of course to the party. I ordered some food from a coffee shop in town, as well as some satay from another coffee shop. We also had some bar-be-cued chicken wings which my mother had prepared.

The only important person missing from this party was Daddy.

Duncan chose this cake himself. He was attracted by the little umbrella and the ultraman figurine on the cake. It was a sponge cake layered with fresh cream.

Denice had no say in the choice of cake! She was not present when I ordered the cake. It was a light cheese cake, someting that some of us liked!

The cousin on Denice's left helped her to blow the candles out after the birthday song was sung.

The spread.

Cousin Natalie helping Denice to unwrap the presents.

Cousin Jeremy couldn't wait for Duncan to unwrap his presents!

Party hats for the kids.

An unfortunate incident happened before the start of the party. Our family dog bit my brother's mother-in-law as she was walking towards the house. The poor lady had to be rushed off to the hospital for a tetanus shot and she went home after the hospital visit. The poor thing never got to enjoy the party. Bad Gooby!

All in all, an enjoyable evening for everyone, except for the one bitten by the dog!


  1. Happy Belated Birthday Denice and Duncan!! A nice spread:)

  2. Happy belated Birthday to Denice and Duncan...:)

    Not bad ....we share the same birthday month..:)

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  4. Happy Belated Birthday to both Duncan and Denice.


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