Thursday, August 28, 2008

A cupcake party

Denice, Duncan and I were in Malaysia for almost three months during the summer. Because it was such a long holiday, I decided to enroll them at a kindergarten owned by a friend of mine. I did not want them to spend their days watching TV at their grandparents' home and neither did I want them to forget what they had learned before they went on summer break!

On their last day of school at the kindergarten, I bought cup cakes and some orange juice for the kids at the kindergarten.

All the kids at the school wore uniforms except for Denice and Duncan and two others, I think. Since Denice and Duncan were enrolled at the school for a short time, it wasn't required of them to put on uniforms.

I think they enjoyed their cupcakes if the pictures above are any indication! The icing decoration on each cupcake was different from the rest. As you can see from Duncan's picture above, most of the kids ate the icing on the cake first before they finished off the cupcakes!

Denice and Duncan were each presented with some farewell gifts from the school. I did not expect that from the school and the gifts were greatly appreciated.

Teacher Janet, the principal of the school, presenting Denice with a gift.

Duncan receiving his gifts from Teacher Cecilia.

Teacher Molly was Duncan's favorite teacher. I think she reminded him of his favorite baby-sitter. He would drag Teacher Molly out to the car at the end of the school day. He wanted her to come home with him. Or he would tell me to take him to Teacher Molly's house. The kid was quite enamored with the teacher! I think she was quite sorry to see Duncan leave when it was time for us to return to California.

I am glad the children got to make new friends during the summer and the next time we return for a visit, they will be too old to go back to that school. lol


  1. Puteri,
    You did the right thing by enrolling Duncan and Denice to the kindergarten. That experience will leave an everlasting impression on them in their later life.

  2. Yes, I think so too. Also those three hours they were in the school allowed me to have some time to myself ... shopping etc! :-)

  3. Awwwwww......

    That is so sweet...

    Everybody is this post was so sweet. You for the cupcakes and orange juice, the school for the ceremony and gifts, Duncan for liking Teacher Molly, Teacher Molly for being so nice to the kids, the school for accepting Duncan and Denice in the first place...


    Good to know there are still some 'Awww' moments in this society...=)


  4. wow!! you still have time to enroll your kids in school!!.I was so busy running around in KL and sakit kapala at home due to the heat.Must salut you la..oh!! come to my visual home,I have something for you!

  5. Good stuff.

    Where did u get the cupcake from?

    Duncan still miss his fav teacher?


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