Thursday, August 21, 2008

Fortune in the ear lobes

It has been said, mostly by the Chinese, that those who possess thick ear lobes are destined for great luck and wealth.

One of my friends possesses such ear lobes. When she was a college student, many "towkays" commented on her ears. She did not understand what it was about her ears that the Chinese "towkays" saw as "banyak nasib" (very lucky). It was later on that we realized that they meant the shape of her ear lobes.

I think, for my friend, what the Chinese "towkays" saw in her fortune was certainly true. Recently, I visited my friend's new home and I was suitably impressed. I wished I was a better photographer and knew how to capture the beauty of her home much more clearly.

The house is quite close to a main road but you will understand why that fact didn't bother her.

This is the view from the balcony. Her husband loves to jet ski, so having a home that is just across from the beach is an asset for him.

My friend is married to a man who wasn't born into wealth. And neither is he a businessman who founded his fortune on his business acumen. He's a man who possesses a job skill that is in great demand, and he is willing to travel far to make that money ... what I call money earned through his own sweat.

I think my friend is blessed materially and financially, and the best part of it all is that neither she nor her husband stints on their wealth. They are generous to a fault.


  1. Hi Kak Puteri,

    Haha...Habis lar, I ni, lidat...

    I've got very tiny earlobes. So tiny that I can't even pierce for two on one side...=(


    Nasib tak baik...Ish...

  2. Hehehe, really that small ahhh?! Not destined for material wealth but definitely destined for far more meaningful wealth!

    Dunno la, I have another friend, also has those thick lobes ... this one more terer .. married a millionaire's son (timber tycoon)! I joked with her once, where to go ah, to look for millionaire's son coz I also want one! Heheh. She met her husband at university.

    Eh, who knows you will meet one at uni too?! :-)

  3. ear lobe also thin ,no wonder still cari makan tak dapat!

  4. Very nice house! Her kitchen is my dream kitchen.:) Maybe one day I will have that.

    By the way, welcome home!

  5. HI, I would love a kitchen that size too!

    I did not take a picture of the house from the front. I don't know why I didn't do that! :-)

  6. Hi there,

    Nice house..:) Not sure if u got this message or not.

    Please drop by my crib when u have time.

  7. Puteri,
    That's a very nice house... Very impressive... Nicely decorated too.... Wah, only if we can live like a king macam your friend, kan bagus eh...???

  8. Nightwing, thanks for the award! Yes, nice house and near the Luak Esplanade.

    Cat, yes, how nice if we could afford such a beautiful house! :-) Compared to some of the more luxurious homes along that same road, my friend's house looks pretty modest!

  9. Wahhh... macam palace sultan pulak! Very nice house and very nice location. Seems like all those big houses are around that area. Bahh.. maybe kita dua' do plastic surgery to have those thick ear lobes..hahaha. Not sure if that will work eh?

  10. I have a thick ear lobes, When I was in Japan, some people commented "okanemuchi", that means weatlhy person.

    I still don't find my meterial wealth....

    Hope to encounter soon...

    I just bought a .5 million house, would it count?


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