Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To Sibu in a Fokker

The first leg of our flight back to California was via Sibu. A blogger friend had just got married (we missed the church wedding) but we did make it to the wedding reception held at the Rejang Ballroom at the Tanahmas hotel.

I was quite nervous about flying in a Fokker to Sibu from Miri because it has been decades since I last flew in one! Days before the flight, I had been agonizing over the weather conditions. As it turned out, it was one pretty smooth flight with hardly a bump!

This was the plane that we flew in to get to Sibu. I do not know where it originated from before it proceeded on to Sibu. There were many foreign tourists getting off that plane before we boarded it to get to Sibu.

We let every one else get on first. Of course Doug couldn't resist taking pictures of the plane! He was a helicopter mechanic at one time and he loves everything to do with aviation!

More posings for Daddy!

Denice and Daddy sitting across the aisle from Duncan and me. The plane flew mostly along the coast of Sarawak before flying inland towards Sibu. Like I said, I was quite surprised at how smooth the flight was. The last time I flew in a Fokker, we hit several air pockets and that experience is burned in my mind! Hehe.


  1. cywuitPuteri,

    Nice travel posting! How about some pictures of Sibu?


  2. Puteri,
    My son flew one of those Fokkers when he was based in Kuching. He said the turboprop is one of the safest to fly in. He must know because by now he has flown the twin otter, the 737 and now the 777. If the engine had stalled, the plane can be glided to the airport if there is one near to it or any open flat area. Anyway nothing can be done if you hit an air pocket.


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