Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I love my iPhone!

Two nights ago, as I was doing research for a review I was going to do, the lights suddenly went out. My surge protector beeped for a while and then my computer completely shut down. We suspected that someone had crashed into a power pole because the lights flickered twice as if trying to get power from somewhere else.

Anyway, it remained dark for at least 45 minutes. BUT, about 2 weeks or so ago my mother-in-law upgraded my Motorola Razr phone to an iPhone 3G. That means despite not being able to use my desktop computer, I was still able to browse the internet and read up on the days news online using my iPhone by candlelight! Woohoo!

I really love my iPhone. It has a calender and I am now using that feature on the iPhone. I don't have to scribble on my appointment calender hanging on my wall for upcoming events. I like the fact that the iPhone calender has an alert feature, and that helps remind me of the appointments that I have for the day.

Previously, I never thought I needed a PDA because I didn't have to keep track of too many things. Moreover, I did not think I was going to be able to learn how to use one! Heheh. But now my kids are in kindergarten, and there are appointments that the kids have to go to like Duncan to his speech therapy, or their dental appointments and my weekly meetings with some ladies at church and also reminders for upcoming events.

Also I like the alarm feature. I use the alarm to remind me to pick up the kids after school, and take my hypertension medication. Without these alarms, many times I would most definitely have forgotten to pick up my kids or take my medication!!

My favorite feature on the iPhone (besides the phone itself and the built-in iPod) is the internet browsing capability. The family plan that we are on (paid for by my in-laws) includes unlimited web browsing. That means while I wait for Duncan to finish with his speech therapy, I can browse the web! Forget about a bulky book!! And while I eat my breakfast at home, I can read up on the days news on my iPhone instead of holding a newspaper! Woohoo!

Yes, yes, I am quite enamored with my iPhone!


  1. Puteri,

    Don't ever lose that Iphone or you will really feel lost! Find out how to back up your bookmarks and calendar.


  2. Jeles nya aku! Maybe next time I will add my internet connection back on my blackberry phone. Had it taken out because I used to be too busy at work to browse the internet on my phone... I would gladly get an Iphone bila I start kerja kelak! See what my dh will say... hehehe

  3. Your Blackberry is nothing to sneeze at, eh! Ya, I love being able to browse the internet from my iPhone! Convenient la, esp dalam kereta, on the way to somewhere! :-)

  4. Getting very techie. :)
    Yeah, I never thought I needed reminders until I started writing stuff down on pieces of paper - and I don't have kids. That is just my own things to do. :D
    I have my Nokia N95 to remind me now.

    Enjoy your iPhone. It is one cool gadget.

  5. You have a cool MIL! I am just too electronically-challenged to be able to figure out all these electronical stuff. Not that I have the money anyhow =(

    Good thing you have the I-Phone now, because you can't keep forgetting either the kids or the meds! ;)

  6. Jacqui, I still can't get over how convenient it is to browse my fav sites on my iPhone while lying in bed!

    And the daily reminders to take my bp medication!! My goodness if it weren't for the reminders I don't know how many times I would have missed taking those pills!

    Daphne, yes my MIL is one cool woman. Thankfully for me! :-)

    You're electronically challenged? Cannot be la! ;-)

  7. Thanks for sharing the info on the iphone.

    Might get one in near future...when it is available in Asia.

  8. Nyordehh...
    Lawa iPhone. Aku agi mengkang ngena HTC Touch Dual.

    Famous amat iPhone, Samsung Omia & terbaru Sony ericsson-EXPERIA


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