Thursday, January 22, 2009

ChangeFest '09 - Obama's Inaugural Speech

In many respects, Barack Obama's inauguration speech, like his national security appointments, signaled that his administration will be more or less George Bush's third term, at least in foreign policy. That's not a big surprise to those of us who knew that Obama's foreign policy pronouncements during the primary season were silly, but the Left has been more or less in a state of shock for a while now, and Obama's speech yesterday didn't help matters any.

It's gotten to the point where even comedians have noticed. The punch line of this sketch is no joke. I think a great many liberals are hanging on to the idea that they can trust Obama because he is a liar and doesn't mean what he says. Time will tell whether that interpretation is correct or not. In the meantime, it doesn't speak very well of either Obama or his supporters on the Left.


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