Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thoughts on the Inaugural

I almost choked on my coffee yesterday morning when I read "Finally .... change is here!!" on a blogger friend's status update on Facebook. Today, a day after the inaugural, this friend is still chanting "Obama, Obama, Obama!" My, my, I was thinking, the MSM must have done an excellent job of glorifying the messiah and his message of hope and change that even Malaysians living as far away as Australia, the Sudan and England are euphoric over Obama's inauguration.

My blogger friend in London said he hurried home from work so he could catch the inauguration ceremony. He thought the inaugural speech was up there with FDR's, and Kennedy's speech. He was moved to tears by the speech. rolleyes Oh my.

Another Malaysian friend living in the Sudan watched the entire inaugural ceremony, was awed and loved it.

I will acknowledge that it was a historic event yesterday, which can only happen in the USA - the peaceful transition of power, and that a person can be elected to the most powerful office in the land, no matter his skin color.

However, sorry, I did not drink the kool-aid, and won't be joining in the Obama euphoria, hype and mania. I think the mainstream media's fawning and slobbering and lack of objectivity over Obama is over the top, a spectacle mostly seen in a dictatorship like North Korea.

My two cents.

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  1. So agree with you. I am tired of all the slobbering.
    Even to date, some people in the media are still denying some things (like his grandiose economic plans) that just won't work.

    They scoff Cheney's warning on security as fear mongering yet they don't realise that their president is putting fear in people about the economy. The country has been through this before. Reagan handled it. Maybe the new president can take a page of Reagan without starting to look like Carter. (He is hardly Lincoln as he would like to think he is or would like to emulate).

    Sigh ...

  2. JT, and what about the hope over fear thing? Yet, there he was trying to scare everybody into supporting his porkulus by saying the crisis will become a catastrophe if the spending bill is not passed! What a lot of crap, calling the bill a stimulus bill when in reality it is pork laden spending bill! Grrr.


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