Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Year Stories

My goodness, the last entry on this blog was last year?! I have been neglecting this blog! Well, part of the reason is that I have been kept pretty busy with my quilting business. I have a bunch of new clients and they have kept me with steady work. No, I am not complaining! I spent quite a bit recently on "toys" of the electronics kind,that is, and I have to pay the bills!

Anyway, since my last entry was on a Thanksgiving turkey recipe, without the pictures, I will include a picture of my Christmas turkey in this blog entry. :-)

My Christmas 2008 turkey.

This turkey almost did not make it. An hour and a half after it was put in the oven, we had an outage! Thank goodness the outage only lasted about half an hour. There I was thinking that all we had that was definitely cooked were a small piece of roast beef, stuffings, and bean casserole. And I had 9 people waiting to be fed!

It was a fun Christmas meal because I had my good friend and her family visiting from Malaysia. We also took them shopping - they enjoyed the After Christmas Sales tremendously, and of course a visit to San Francisco for our guests.

Denice and Kristen at Golden Gate Bridge

Before Christmas, Doug and I took our kids to Universal Studios, partly so we could drive our Malaysian friends back with us to our home, and also to commemorate our (Doug and I) first visit together to Universal Studios ten years ago, not long after our first meeting. The kids had a great time, and we had a great time too.

The kids thought the Simpson Ride was fun.

For the new year, I hope to put in more effort in my quilting business. Like I mentioned earlier, I have a few new clients and I want to maintain whatever clients I have for now. I am not planning on expanding my client base because I want to do more than just quilting with my time. The income I make is good enough for now, in view of my fondness for electronic gadgets!

Last year I thought we were going to give a trip back to Malaysia a miss this year so we could use our vacation time to visit other places, visit Europe maybe. Now I am not so sure. My father's health is not all that great, and I want to visit my parents as much as I can while they are still alive.

In the fall, the kids will be in First Grade. I have thought about where to send them, but have not made a final decision. One of the things I need to do is to check out the different schools, and decide on one that suits their needs.

Anyway, I do not have any New Year's resolutions - yes, just plodding along - but my one wish or desire is not to add anything new to the issues I already have with my health. That means to do more exercise! What else is new, eh?

Hope your new year got off to a good start and stays that way the rest of it.

Cheers. wink

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