Friday, February 06, 2009

Messy Looking

I am not very happy that the template for this blog does not display very well in IE 7. The right column appears to crowd into the left column. Why does this happen?

This is one reason why I hate using Internet Explorer for my browsing needs. My browser of choice is Firefox.

But I hate to think that my readers are seeing the lousy display of my template. Now I feel I have to find a template which will display this blog more accurately! evil

If you are using IE to read my blog, ditch it, and start using Firefox! mrgreen


  1. Hi Puteri

    What I am seeing using IE7 looks ok. Nothing is squished or messy. I really wish I was more tech savvy to share why it causes your screen to be like that.

    I have never used Firefox. I am afraid to download it in case it clashes with my IE7. Have you had any problems (if you had both on your computer at the same time)?

  2. JT, doesn't the right column look like it's too close to the left column? I looked at my blog using IE on 2 different computers and they both don't display as well as on Firefox.

    Firefox is a very popular browser, and you can download it from its own website. They have lots of interesting add ons, and the sites that offer them have been verified safe so I don't worry about virus or what not.

    No, there won't be any clashes when you have more than one browser launched at the same time. I do not have a default browser so I have the freedom to choose the one I want to use every time I want to go online. On my desktop pc, I also have Safari and Opera besides IE and Firefox.

  3. Alrright! Go go Firefox!

    To J.T. - Firefox will never clash with IE. Just go ahead to use it. It's another option rather than having to stick with only one web browser.


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