Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My new netbook

Recently I bought an Asus netbook. I really liked the performance of my Asus EEE Box that I chose the ASUS Eee PC 1000HA 10-Inch Netbook over similar netbooks by MSI, Samsung and Acer.

With its hybrid engine the netbook, when operating on its battery power, is supposed to last about 7 hours. So far, I have only got it to run about 4 hours while surfing the web, even with the web cam and all instant messaging programs disabled, and despite running it on lower power mode. Others have said that if they were just working on their netbook without being online, the battery performs a lot better.

The netbook does not have a dvd/cd drive, to make it as portable and as light as it is that's for sure, but I have discovered that this lack can be overcomed by using flash drives that come with as much as 64 gig storage space. I can now bring a few movies in avi format stored in my flash drive and still be entertained when I travel with my netbook! Cool!

While I was on a trip recently, I stopped by It's a Grind coffee house to get my internet fix update my blog about my trip, and I was glad I didn't have to deal with a full sized laptop! The netbook fitted neatly into my hand bag without crimping my fashion style! mrgreen

Isn't it about time you got yours too?


  1. look cool!! it's smaller size called netbook? I'm looking for a notebook now,dunno what is the best one for me,not too expensive or cepat kondam one..Maybe Dell or HP?

  2. Lesley, it is very small .. 10" screen, very light, ultra portable, and yes they are mostly called netbooks, or mini laptops. I love mine! Under $400, babe! Samsung has a nice one 10.2", nice keyboard size, about $450 ... same specs as mine.

  3. Hi Puteri

    I have an Acer. It was so easy to transport it when we moved across the seas. Usually when it is a big move like that, my carry-on is filled with important paperwork and that puts the weight close to the cabin allowance (and would not have been able to accomodate a regular laptop, which will definitely exceed the weight).
    This fitted into a portable DVD case and was light!

  4. JT, yes, the netbook is really ultra portable and light and easy to bring along when you are on the move! I love mine! The netbook is not meant to be your primary computer, so I don't understand those who want to own one and yet complain about it not having the dvd/cd drive!


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