Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Simplyfiying my blogging activities

Some of you know that I have multiple blogs. Today I made the decision to merge Puteri's Musings 3 and Puteri's Hobbies with this blog.

I discovered that the Import/Export feature on Blogger is not that difficult to use, and I have decided to simplify matters and merge these blogs together. Puteri's Musings 3 has  the same sort of content as this blog, and seeing that I do not have as much time as I used to have for blogging, reducing the number of blogs that I have is the only logical thing to do. I have been neglecting my blogs in recent months, which is a shame.

Puteri's Musings 3 willl remain as it is, but I will no longer be updating it. I may, in the future, delete it altogether.  Puteri's Hobbies will be deleted some time soon.  cry

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