Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring

Today, 20th March, is officially the first day of Spring. Spring has always been my favorite season of the year. I love to watch the trees in full bloom, the fresh new buds on the trees, the mild weather during the day, and most of all for the sense of rebirth as you watch nature shrugging off the cold winter months.

I hope to start my garden early this year (compared to previous years!). The gladiolas are already bursting forth from under the ground. I cannot wait too see them bloom this year because there are a lot more of them this year than in previous years.

I also hope to grow some tomatoes, corn, squash, water melons, and flowers that attract butterflies and humming birds. This year I will have some help and that is one reason I am optimistic about starting my garden early this year!

For those with allergies, I hope spring time will be more forgiving this year! Don't forget to take your medication when you do your gardening!

Happy Spring everyone!


  1. wow!! your pokok so fast ada bunga!! bestya...Spring is my favourite season but too bad doctor just confirm that I allergy to all pollen:( I already prepare to pakai mouth and nose protected when going out the door...dunno what it's called...macam doctor pergi operation room that stuff ppls in HK wear that when they are attack by SAR!

  2. The fruit and nut trees here are already in full bloom, some you can barely see flowers anymore, full of leaves already. Other trees, have beautiful new leaves and yet others still just budding. Ya, spring usually comes early in CA.

    Haha, can just imagine you gardening with your surgical mask on!! Better swallow one tablet of Claritin or something la. :-)

  3. Oh my, wonder my friend love California so much. The weather is unbeatable. Spring is officially here in MN too but snow is coming our way tonight and temps dipping down to the 40's F. :(

  4. My goodness, Dawn! Snow in spring!! My friend just moved to Edmonton, Canada and I guess the weather there is about the same as Minnesota's. Yes, it is beautiful here in the spring, and spring comes early too!


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