Sunday, March 15, 2009

iPhone 3g in Malaysia

While we are still on the subject of the iPhone 3g, I learned today that the iPhone 3g will be available in Malaysia in a week or so through Maxis.

And the price? RM1900 for the 8gig and RM2290 for the 16 gig, with a 24 month contract.

Huh. Pricey. But according to heavy cell phone users in Malaysia, that rate is about the same as what they are paying right now, and with the iPhone 3g included to boot.

Compare that to the additional $30 for unlimited browsing on top of your existing plan with AT&T, and only $199 for the 8 gig and $299 for the 16 gig iPhone. Don't think you can find a better deal than that outside of the US! lol

I jailbroke my iPhone about a week ago, and with the jailbroken iPhone I can add a lot more applications that are not available at the iTunes store. One thing I have to watch though, is that I do not accidentally upgrade my iPhone to the latest firmware. Otherwise it will revert to its original unmodified state.

I have added PDANet which allows tethering with the iPhone. The ability to tether the iPhone is the main reason why I jailbroke my phone. And, oh, my iPhone is now unlocked. Er, at least I think it is, but I have not tested it because I do not have the SIM of another carrier to test it with.I have also added Snapture which vastly improves the iPhone camera. I can now touch any part of the screen and not have to rely on that little area on the screen to take a picture.

I think the iPhone is a wonderful machine .. it's like your Mac computer in a little piece of equipment.

Update: After I posted this entry, I went back to check the iPhone Video Recorder application offered by DreamCatcher. I bought it and it is indeed a cool app! mrgreen


  1. I think the phone arrived far too late, and far too expensive (for being late). And eveyone else has an illegit version. If it came out a year ago I'd probably own one by now, but I have lost interest.

    Thanks to the SIRIM red tape, although I like the iPhone, I'm going to say, "Watch it flop" for Maxis.

  2. Ian, you mean those chinese made clones? Nahhhh .. it is still not the same thing as the real thing! :-)

    I am sure there are enough people who will buy the iPhone with the Maxis plan .. status symbol mahhh! ;-) You know la, Malaysians, kaypoh!

  3. No, I meant the real iPhones - they already sell those iPhones which are of course, cracked, through other channels. The China ones are laughable.

    Anyway, the official version came in too late. FAR too late. And with impending news of Apple releasing new iPhones, I think Maxis would be in a load of trouble.

    If it had been released earlier, I'd have jumped to Maxis already.

  4. jailbroke your Iphone...then you can use it worldwide or atleast in Malaysia..when I balik kampung last year I have to borrow someone unlocked cell phone..banyak leceh huh..

  5. Ian, cracked iPhones? The real thing? Wah, where to get in Malaysia, and how for how much? I jailbroke my iPhone to unlock it among other things.

    Here, after 2 years, we can always upgrade our phones with the carrier, at a very nominal price.

    I think it is just the iPhone firmware that is being upgraded. The latest is 2.2.1 and I read the newest release will be 3.0 I am leaving mine at 2.2 because that is where it can be jailbroken.

    My husband can get the iPhone 3.0. It'll have some more interesting features on it. Next month he will be eligible for an upgrade. Another $30 to the plan la for the iPhone.

    Not too late la, go ahead and get yourself and iPhone! Heheh. It is also Apple's fault, they have too many conditions for the carrier they choose to work with.

  6. Lesley, I have a couple of old Motorolla flip phones that are unlocked. I brought one to Malaysia to use and one I gave to my father. Not as canggih or as slim as the newer models but can use leh. Next time, maybe I just use one of my brother's. He has a couple lying in his drawer that he doesn't use anymore.

  7. Helo, so how is the iphone?

    I agree with Ian, came to our shores..too late.

  8. Too late ah? I've only got mine for about 6 months! What late? :-)

    I love it. It's a cool phone. Lots of interesting apps.

  9. I'm using iPhone for about 2 years now (2G & 3G)- unlock/jailbreak myself. I'm using it with Celcom and Digi carrier, no contact and whatever. Both my iPhone already updated to 2.2.1 firmware. For those who are using unlock iphone better not upgrading it to firmware 3.0 beta yet or else it'll become unusable. The device is cool mate, won't change it anymore.

  10. i've been using the 2G iPhone for years. It is still the best iPhone, 3G is just over rated.

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  13. from suhana
    I am currently using iphone from at&t and i am loving it... as u said, unlimited texting that is 30usd per month is nothing since i share it with my boyfriend. and the price for the phone in quite reasonable, that is 299 as we bought the 16g.... the only problem that i have with this phone is the battery. i hate it. u used up battery just by pressing the menu button. other than that, it works just fine. i am with verizon before and their service is much more expensive compared to at&t. imagine that i have to pay 250usd per month for internet and navigation system. now, i'm paying 160usd for all the services with at&t. hows that!!!
    and with verizon, we used the blackberry storm that can never be in a same page with, changing carrier is a must.
    in malaysia, maxis is selling iphone for 2290 ringgit???? that is insane. and plus that is with 2 years contract... people in malaysia, u should find someone from the states to get u an iphone as price of iphone without contract here is almost the same the price from maxis with contract.... no obligation is the best option!!! and im talking about iphone 3gS
    Suhana that with always miss malaysia sebab ia adelah tanah tumpah darahku!!!

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