Thursday, March 12, 2009


This is the English version of my Iban post, my response to a purse tag.

In the US a purse is usually a handbag. However, the purse is also known as the purse or wallet and a handbag is also known as a handbag.

Using the usual meaning of purse, this is how my purse looks like. It is filled with bottled water, 3 pairs of glasses, notepad, pen, tissue, gloves, cell phone, iphone ear buds, medical cards, medicine, antacid, food supplements, comb, and miscellaneous junk. There are not enough pockets in this purse for my stuff so I made a purse organizer for it so most things can be put away in pockets. Without pockets, it would be hard to look for things in a purse that is large and deep!

This is how my wallet looks like. It is filled with store credit card, driver's license, credit and debit cards, library card, business cards, some money, and tickets to the Taylor Mason's show for later this month. I do not have photos in my wallet except one of Doug which I received from him when I first met him, when he still had a lot more hair, was slimmer and cuter! mrgreen

I enjoyed reading the purse tags of those who took part in the tag!

* A purse organizer pattern can be found here.*

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