Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Search Engine Results

One of my favorite things, when I look at the list of visitors to my blogs via Feejit, is to see how they arrived at that particular blog of mine. I always put my cursor on the link if they came to my blog via a search engine. Some of the searches that are made can be quite hilarious.

One such searches arrived on my post called Shopping for a Mattress. Guess what this person was really looking!

Canoeing with a latex mattress?

Does a latex mattress even float? mrgreen

The funny thing is, I saw a story on the TV news several days ago. People were sliding down a snowy slope on an air mattress!

So why not canoe on a latex mattress, eh?

How about this searcher who landed on my post about a Baby Shower.

Guess what this person was looking for. Nothing to do with baby showers, for sure!

NYAK sex? Huh? What the heck is that?

Careful how you ended up on a particular blog eh, in case said blogger decided to do a story on how you ended there!

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