Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Save money on furniture

I was at a hardware and gardening supply store last weekend and fell in love with some of the patio furniture sets that were on display. I've never bought any patio furniture before and wondered if this is the year I would do it especially now that I have a real garden going.

But when I looked at the prices, I wasn't so sure I was willing to pay that kind of prices for patio furniture. I was thinking, if I were to put aside money for furniture, I'd rather spend it on a leather living room set that I'd been wanting to get to replace the old sofa set in our living room.

I have been wondering if prices for furniture at Direct Buy are as good as the people, on the ads that we see on TV and hear over the radio, claim. I mean, there's a membership fee involved before we can even step into the store! But then again , in the long run, especially if I plan on buying more than just furniture, I can see the membership fee paying for itself through the savings.

Direct Buy stores like Direct Buy Houston, are everywhere, and there's even one not that far away from where I live. Direct Buy is even offering Free Visitor's Passes, and maybe I should get one so I can check out the store for myself before I decide if it worth my money to pay the membership fee so I can shop there. I mean, besides living room furniture, I've always wanted to upgrade my kitchen cabinets, my kitchen counter tops to marble counter-tops, and remodel my bathroom while I am at it!

Who doesn't want to save money, especially in the current economic climate?

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