Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Free WiFi on Rapid Penang buses

GEORGE TOWN: Rapid Penang Sdn Bhd will be providing free WiFi access to its passengers, the first bus company in the country to do so, beginning with a three-month trial on two buses.

Its chief executive officer Azhar Ahmad said the company was installing the facility in two buses: The first plies the route between Balik Pulau and the Bayan Lepas International Airport, and the second on the Teluk Bahang-Batu Feringgi-Weld Key route.

He said use of the WiFi facility would be free and that the buses would have special stickers for easy identification by passengers.

“After three months, if response from passengers is good, we’ll have the facility installed in stages in all of our 180 buses, and also the additional 200 buses which will be delivered to us by the end of the year,” he told a press conference here Wednesday.

Azhar said the facility was provided to enable passengers to surf the Internet in the bus before arriving at their destinations. -- Bernama

Are the bus routes long distance routes? They'd better be or you'll have passengers missing their stops if they get too engrossed with their web surfing!

I wonder if the bus company ever thought about the possibility of passengers with laptops surfing porn sites while in the bus and what the reaction of the other passengers sitting close to the web surfer would be? Huh?

As for me, I'm waiting for my favorite long haul airlines to provide internet access! I'm even willing to pay for the service! The availability of internet access would surely make my long flight feel shorter! mrgreen


  1. Don;t think any one will dare surf the site during bus ride...:)

    Agree with internet access for long flights.

  2. Haha, you think so? Some domestic airlines here have started providing internet access, and one of the issues is the viewing of porn while on the flight! Makes the person next to this porn viewer most uncomfortable!

  3. Hello Puteri, long time no see.
    Got no link to your longhouse, so happened to check for something in old posting came back across your callsign.
    Hope this finds you well.

    Just keeping in touch, you have a great weekend, best regards, Lee.
    ps, hows the Magnum.44 coming along? Ha ha.

  4. Hey Lee! Ya, long time no see!

    All is well here, hope you are keeping well too!


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