Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gladiola Buds

Gladiolas are such pretty flowers and I have very fond memories of them! When I was a teacher in Vietnam in the mid nineties, my students would bring me flowers, usually gladiolas.

This year, I have a lot more gladiolas in my garden and they are starting to flower right now. I am looking forward to all of them blooming. I can't wait to see the humming birds and the butterflies that usually come by when there are flowers in my garden.

Last year I missed the gladiolas when they bloomed because I left for Malaysia at the end of May and was there for about three months. At least this year I get to enjoy my gladiolas before I leave for Malaysia again in late June!

One thing that can be said about my garden this year, is that it is a lot prettier!

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  1. Nice one..don;t forget to take more pictures before your trip...:)


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