Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My unlocked iPhone works!

It certainly isn't fun when you are in possession of an iPhone but you don't have access to unlimited web browsing! evil

I finally got to test my jailbroken and unlocked iPhone. It works perfectly! I bought a Digi prepaid phone card yesterday, put it in the sim slot and voila, it worked!

At least now I don't have to be seen using my old out-of-date flip phone here in Malaysia! mrgreen. Nah, I am not that vain, but since my iPhone works, hey, better to be seen using that than my old Motorolla flip phone, eh!

A friend of mine told me there are places in KL where they can help you unlock your locked iPhone and help you download and install whatever applications you want onto your iPhone. Well, since I have successfully jailbroken and unlocked my iPhone on my own, I won't need their jailbreaking services, will I? lol

You know, what's the point of having an iPhone when you can't access the internet just because you only have one of those cheap prepaid sim cards? And there is no wifi in my parents' home. The signal from the city's free wifi service is not strong enough. So, it is a little frustrating!

Oh well, at least I can still get on the internet using my brother's Celcom broadband modem on my netbook. Thank goodness for that! Slow but good enough!

iPhone aside, one of the best things about being home in Malaysia is that I can indulge in all the food that I have been craving for since my last visit home! The kids are enjoying themselves with the noodles and wontans!

Happy to be home with my parents for the summer!

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