Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Grade School

I am now a parent of grade school kids. My babies are growing up! cry Before long, I will be a parent of tweens, and then teens ...

To commemorate their first day in first grade, I took a few pictures of the kids holding this piece of paper! One of my friends I did this, and to do the same thing every year as they move up the school grades.

At the end of the school day, the verdict from Duncan, "School was awesome!" That's a good start, eh! Denice was pleased that she did not get any time-out. wink My response to that was, "No, you do not want any time-outs!"

This is only the first week, and there are many more weeks to go! I hope the rest of the year will stay as promising as the first day! One can only hope.


  1. wah!! so fast your kids already in 1st grade!! congratulation!!hmmm I must copy like you,ask Mishu to hold a piece of paper each year she naik tangga! hehehe!

  2. Yes, time flies and they are now in 1st grade! They are enrolled in a Christian school about 3 mins from our home.

    Ya, its a good idea with that piece of paper! My friend told me to do that every year they go up a grade ... ahhhaaha, ya do that with Mishu too!

  3. Hello!

    How's you doing? Long time no 'see' la...Apa macam?

    Look at Duncan! He doesn't look tooooo happy. Glad it turned out well though!

  4. Hi Daphne!

    Ya, long time no see! So how are things in Canada? Aiyoh, kasian you people, seems like you skip autumn and go straight to winter! Heheh.

    Duncan loves his new school, despite the daily time-outs that he gets for breaking the rules. He loves to play with the bigger boys from the higher grades during recess, and bless their hearts, they don't mind playing with him.


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