Tuesday, April 20, 2010


When I picked up the photography book, Light and Lighting, that I had reserved online a few weeks ago, the librarian brought to my attention an upcoming course offered by the library. It was a free 3-hour course offered by a professional photographer.

Free sounded good to me! And the fact that the course was going to be conducted by a professional photographer was the clincher for me. The helpful librarian said she could do the online registration for me. Thank you! I don't know how helpful the course is going to be, since it says "beginning digital photography" but, like I said, it's free!

I have 5 books on photography that I borrowed from the library. One that I picked up today, and four that I had renewed twice already! Borrowing from the library sure beats having to pay for them! And I can always borrow them again and again as needed! mrgreen

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