Thursday, April 22, 2010

Less TV

A male and female Western Bluebird on my satellite dish.

Yesterday I called up Directv to cancel a movie package that I had subscribed to. Doug has been complaining about the cost of the total subscription to Directv! mrgreen Package, additional movie package, 3 receivers, additional HD cost .... It does add up!

I'd been thinking about canceling the movie package for quite some time now because I hardly watch any of the movies on the movie channels. All the new movies that I watch, I get from Redbox. By the time the movies are available on the movie channels, I'd already watched them.

While I was at it yesterday, I also changed the package that I'd had for a long time. For under $3 more, I get more HD channels. That seemed like a good idea now that I no longer have the movie package. I was offered $5 off to keep the movie package ... I did pause and considered it! Nah. If you think of the annual expense, like I said, it does add up!


  1. And the birds just happen to be on your dish... How convenient...

  2. Haha, the objects of interest of that picture were actually the birds! The picture was taken before the story about the TV came up and it turned out to be just the right picture to use for this post! :-)


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