Friday, April 09, 2010

Output of an old camera

In my previous post I wrote about my impetuousness. Yes, that impetuousness also led to the bidding and subsequent winning of an old Minolta SLR camera!

I couldn't resist when I saw how cheap the price was, and I rationalized the purchase by saying, hey, since I already have all the manual focus Minolta lenses, why don't I just go ahead and get an SLR camera which I can also use with the lenses? mrgreen Also, I had never ever owned an SLR camera. Better late than never, eh!

Yesterday, I finally used up the roll of film that I had put inside the Minolta camera. I took it to CVS last night to be developed and I was quite pleased with the photos! There were a few blurry pictures, but overall not bad for someone who has used a SLR camera only a few times in the past.

The color looks a little odd. That could be because the film was Agfa, and that the roll of film had an expiry date in 2004!! That fact alone could be a major reason for the odd color.

Like I said, I am pleased with the camera and how well the pictures turned out. I have just put in a black and white roll of film in the camera and cannot wait to see how the pictures will turn out! I'll use that black and white film for portraiture.

Should be fun! biggrin

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