Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Too bad

My neighbour and friend dropped by on Sunday afternoon, supposedly to see my camera and macro lens. I do not have a macro lens and I don't know how he got the idea that I had one. Maybe from seeing the close-up pictures that I had shared on Facebook.

Anyway, when he came he had his camera case with him. I couldn't wait to see what film camera he had, and was surprised that it was quite similar (same line but not the same model) to the Minolta auto-focus film camera that I had picked up from my mother-in-law's church thrift store.

Initially my friend thought that I had a Sony dSLR. He had read some where that the Sony dSLR can use the old Minolta auto-focus lens. I had not heard that Sony had actually adapted the Minolta Maxxum cameras and renamed it the Sony Alpha.

Long story short, if I had owned a Sony Alpha I would have been willing to buy off the three lenses that he had.

Too bad, though.

But I was surprised that he left his camera case and everything in it with me! Make use of whatever you want, he told me. All I wanted from that case was to borrow one lens so I could test whether the Maxxum Minolta camera that I had worked. He didn't say he was giving everything in the case to me, just for me to use! mrgreen

I am still waiting for the batteries for the camera to arrive (special internet order), so I can't say if my Minolta Maxxum works. I'll just have to wait a little longer to find out.


  1. Ha! Very lucky indeed. At least now, you can explore more about different lenses there. Oh btw, the camera case looks similar with my make-up case.

  2. He sort of loaned the stuff to me .. two Minolta bodies, 3 lenses, flash, and other assorted camera stuff. Eeee, arap ka pengujung iya, diberi ka aku magang! Hahahahahaa. I should offer to buy the stuff from him. Er, nyu kelalu mayuh ga film camera! Enti dslr, muak ga neh!


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