Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Facing the Wall

That's Denice having to face the wall for five minutes yesterday during lunch break.

Facing the wall for a period of five minutes to thirty minutes (depending on age and degree of infraction) is something that most students at my kids' school have to deal with at one time or another.

I was quite worried about this form of punishment when I first enrolled my kids at their current school. I was worried, especially for Duncan, because I wasn't sure he was able to keep still for five minutes.

Well, I guess both Denice and Duncan have learned to deal with it, because, in Duncan's case, its an almost daily occurrence!

And yes, this is Duncan facing the wall for five minutes during lunch break today. Well at least it's ONLY five minutes this time. Last week, he had to face the wall, all of recess!

Tomorrow he has the wall to look forward to as well. This time it will be the whole of recess. His class teacher approached me today as I picked him and Denice up from school. The wall is for "disrespecting" a classmate's mother who took them out for their short break before class was dismissed. He did not do as he was told, and went ahead doing exactly what he was told not to do.

When he got home, all TV viewing priviledges were also withdrawn. Disrespect is a major offence and punishment must befit the "crime". mrgreen

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