Friday, May 14, 2010

Reverse macro lens

I finally got my reverse macro outfit going. I ordered some filter ring adapters but unfortunately I didn't pay attention to which thread, whether it is the male or female that is supposed to go to the camera body adapter and which thread goes to the lens. I ended up having to order a second time to get the right adapter with the right threads to fit the correct side of the lens and the camera body adapter.

I tried the reverse macro lens using a 50mm Olympus lens and it is hard to get anything in focus because of the rather shallow depth of field! The fact that it was a little breezy outside as I tried to photograph the flowers and the insects didn't help matters either!

This is a weed flower. The detail on the stamens could be better, but it was one of my first few attempts on the reverse macro lens!

I will try with another lens, and see if it is going to be as difficult to focus. The 50mm Olympus manual lens takes very sharp pictures and produces beautifully smooth bokeh, but only if you focus it right!

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