Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Stealing a nap

My cat, Nikki, usually spends the day outside. Doug is quite allergic to cats, but sometimes the kids and I let the cat into the house, for a while, especially when Doug is not around. mrgreen

I let her in this morning so she could have a drink and eat her cat food. She was quite frisky, running and hopping about chasing I don't know what. After she got tired of chasing her tail around she jumped on the sofa and promptly fell asleep.

She shouldn't be sleeping on the sofa because Doug sits on the sofa and you can imagine what can happen .....

I took this picture using an old Olympus manual 50mm F1.8 lens using aperture priority on my dSLR. I saw some pictures by users of the 50mm Canon lenses at Amazon and liked the pictures of the pets they'd taken. Since the cat was already stealing a nap on the sofa, I took out my camera, replaced the lens and took a few pictures of her.

I like the output of the 50mm lens.

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