Saturday, May 15, 2010

Strawberry Festival

This weekend our little town of Galt holds its annual Strawberry Festival. I was surprised by the size of the crowd around noon when I got there today. I think the weather helped a lot. It is not as hot as the previous years'.

I enjoyed the motorcycles and the classic cars on exhibition. Of course I took a lot of pictures! There were also rides, and Duncan went on a few. Denice stayed on terra firma. She is just too afraid to go on any of these rides.

There were all kinds of foods. I had a rather heavy breakfast and wasn't ready for any kind of food at the festival. The kids had corn dogs, and about the only thing related to strawberry that I had, was a cup of ice cream called strawberry blonde. Yum!

I only stayed at the festival a little over an hour. I had to go the library because I had signed up for a photography workshop. The library was just next to where the festival was held and I told Doug to pick me up from the library when I was done there.

Before I left the festival grounds, I told Doug to get me some tri tip barbecue from one of the food vendors at the strawberry festival because by the time I was done at the library I knew I was ready for some food! mrgreen

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