Saturday, June 26, 2010

Photography with an ultra-wide lens

When I bought my dSLR, I only bought the body so that I could spend the amount saved by not spending extra on the kit lens on a 12mm-60mm lens. I love the ultra-wide angle on this particular lens and have been reading up on how to use an ultra-wide lens.

According to Ken Rockwell, the ultra-wide lens is not for "getting it all in"! He continues on to say that they are for "getting close and bringing the viewer into the photo, not for fitting a subject into a photo".

Oh well. I did try to get the viewer in with these two pictures but they also appear like I tried too hard to get everything in!

One of the things I love about these ultra-wide angle lenses is the distortion it brings to the subject being photographed. The distortion adds interest to the subject especially if the subject is a structure or a building.

I can't wait to get to Kuala Lumpur so I can try again with the Petronas Twin Towers. Last year, I took some pictures, but that was before I had my dSLR!


  1. Puteri,
    Now I am bent on getting a similar lens to complement the std kit lens that came with my camera.

  2. Zawi, beli jangan tak beli! Heheh. I have only 2 digital lens. The 12mm-60mm, and a 70mm-300mm telephoto. Recently I bought a super macro conversion lens (an attachment to a telephoto) - something to get me by until I get a digital macro lens! :-) Macro lenses are so expensive! The output from the conversion lens is not that bad!


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