Friday, August 20, 2010

Durians in KL

I told Doug to hold off on the durians when he was in Miri. In Miri, durians are so expensive and if you did buy some, you are never sure that the ones you bought are any good. In KL, the vendor opens up the durian for you, lets you inspect it, and if you are satisfied you can go ahead and buy it.

That was exactly what we did at a Pasar Malam in SS 2. We bought five durians which only cost us RM 37. The vendor opened up all the durians and packed them in styrofoam containers for us. We brought the durians home to my friend, Margaret's, place and had a feast.

"That's your Malaysian durian for the year", I told Doug!


  1. Puteri,
    Oh you are back in Malaysia! Welcome home. Durians are dirt cheap nowadays and most orchard owners in Kelantan may regret having a durian orchard cos however plentiful the harvest is, the reward isn't worth it.
    Enjoy your durian while you are home.
    Please convey my regards to Doug.

  2. Zawi, heheh, we were in Malaysia! The kids and I spent two months there and Doug joined us the last two weeks. We have been home a little over a week now.

    About the cheap durians, good for the consumers but not so good for the farmers! But in Miri, it was still expensive.


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