Friday, October 22, 2010

Bird Season

White-crowned sparrow

It is the time of year when birds seem to gather in my front and back yard. And I love it! I take out my camera and try to photograph them!

Last fall, I thought about getting myself a hunting blind so I can hide in it and wait for the birds. This year, I WILL buy that blind!

A blind is not all that I will be getting this year. I am learning all about digiscoping where you use a digital camera with a spotting scope. While studying on that method of photography I discovered that some are using a telescope with their dslr cameras and the output from that set up seems to be very encouraging. That is why I will be getting myself a telescope that is suitable for digiscoping! Oh yes! mrgreen


  1. Wow, you are becoming a serious nature photographer now! That will be great. Get the pictures coming...

  2. Heheh, a bird photographer wannabe! Yes, more pictures coming!


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