Thursday, December 16, 2010

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco is a favorite destination for first time visitors to California. Naturally when my old, school friend from Malaysia came for a visit we took her there.

It was foggy for much of the day while we were in San Francisco, but the fog and clouds cleared a little when we got to the Golden Gate Bridge park, as if in answer to my friend's prayer! Indeed she believed that it was an answer to her prayer!

We used what little bit of sunshine and daylight left of the late afternoon to quickly pose for pictures and photograph one of the most iconic images of California.

I told my friend to come again for a visit, but next time not in late fall or winter! wink


  1. Puteri,
    A must visit place for me too should I visit LA. My son flies to LA occassionally so I will use the opportunity to get there one day.

  2. Yes, a not to be missed destination! Let us know if you are in the area! We will try to meet you there!


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